2012 Littleton Golf

The proceeds from the 2013 tournament were donated to the Neurological Insititute. We are proud of the neurological advancements Littleton Adventist Hospital is able to offer our patients. Littleton is the only hospital in Colorado and one of the few in the nation to have the CereTom CT Scanner allowing "asleep" deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery possible for Parkinson's patients. The hospital's Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, which provides prolonged video EEG monitoring, is the first in the state to have the capability to record high definition video. Your support is critical to helping us keep the hospital at the forefront of being able to provide the best care possible for our patients.

At the tournament, Littleton Adventist Hospital patient Greg Beeler spoke of his experience prior to having DBS surgery and how this has been a huge impact on his life. Greg even turned off his monitor to show golf attendees how his voice is shaky, his hands and arms shake terribly, and his difficulty in breathing. Within 30 seconds of turning the monitor back on, his voice was steady, his hands and arms no longer shook and he could easily breathe once more. We're excited to report Gregg played all 18 holes for the first time in five years!! Please take a moment and visit our webpage that has videos of patients and physicians talking about the impact of DBS surgery. It is quite moving to see how basic day to day activity such as brushing one's teeth, eating a meal, or writing one's name can become easy once more.